This brand of smash burgers made in Toulouse opens several restaurants… and wants to conquer France

Fast food chain Big Smash opens two new restaurants in Toulouse-Matabiau and Blagnac
Fast food chain Big Smash opens two new restaurants in Toulouse-Matabiau and Blagnac (©Big Smash)

It is a new channel made in Toulouse, which aims to make a name for itself in a fast food market monopolized by the American giants. Born from a collaboration between Rashid Kaid, Fethi Mabrouka, two Pink City restaurateurs, and the NST Industry group – which already operates the New School Tacos brand – the brand Grand Smash he sets out to conquer the Pink City… and is already aiming much further.

Four openings in quick succession!

The sign of smash the burgers actually made a first appearance alongside pigeon lofts where, after a few months of testing, a “prototype store” will reopen at the end of the year on rue Gilet. At “Big Smash Origins,” the brand will only offer takeout sales.

At the same time, several formal restaurants bearing the “Big Smash” sign opened in quick succession. A brand welcomed its first customers a few months ago bayard street, where it offers around thirty places near the Matabiau station. Another one has just opened next to the Europa Boulevard, in Blagnac, in front of the Saint-Exupéry Institute. There are about 50 places. And a quarter is in the boxes, at the level of the road to Spain, in Toulouse: should open at the beginning of 2023, again with around thirty places.

Several varieties of smash burgers

What’s different about Big Smash? “We stand out for our focus on premium products, original recipes and ingredients across an eclectic American universe,” he argues. Rachid Kaid. As for the dishes, the brand offers its customers various varieties of smash burgers, but also homemade fried chicken, hot dogs, milkshakes. “All inspired by the origins of American fast food,” insists the co-manager.

What is the smash burger?

Very popular in recent years, the smash burger is a cold shredded steak on a hot plate with a press. “Very thin, it forms a crispy caramelized crust due to thermal shock and stays juicy inside.” The American tradition is to serve it in a “patata”, a brioche bread made with potato starch. This burger (revisited) is therefore the specialty of Big Smash restaurants.

More restaurants to come, in Toulouse and beyond

If the establishment in Matabiau has already been inaugurated, the one in Blanhac will be on Saturday 12 November. And the poster does not intend to stop in the fourth city of France and its agglomeration, since “other restaurants are planned at national level”. “The idea is to start with neighboring cities: Bordeaux i Montpellieropening pilot stores there”, he confides Anthony Mazzon, who runs the NST Industry group with Selim Jaouadi. Like New School Tacos, whose success story began in Toulouse before spreading to thirty stores in France, they simply aim to conquer France. So the McDonald’s smash burger will be with Toulouse sauce?

Practical information:
Grand Smash
68 rue de Bayard in Toulouse
1 boulevard de l’Europe in Blagnac
99 rue Gilet de Colomiers

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