Summer recipes: 7 original fruit salad recipes

You’ve always heard that you should eat five fruits and vegetables a day. But what do you do when you run around all day? Doing sport, not being late to work, eating well… It gets complicated!

Don’t worry, we found it easy recipes to make at home and that require little time.

Original fruit salad: unusual presentations

Who Said Fruit Wasn’t Fun? Certainly not us!

Grab some ice cream cones, put on your fruit salad and voila, you have the perfect dessert for a throwback snack. The majority? Melt some dark chocolate, dip your cone in it and chill in the freezer. You can even add coconut shavings for even more indulgence.

For pizza addicts, you’ll be delighted with our fruity alternative. We offer you the fruit pizza! Made primarily with watermelon, you won’t risk gaining weight or getting upset bikini body challenge.

For those who want to liven up their fruit salad, opt for a veggie garnish. For example, if you make a watermelon salad or melon, do not discard the fruit once you have removed the pulp.


You can do the same with a coconut, an empty grapefruit…


More original and prettier than simple verrines, your friends will be delighted with your culinary skills.

Original sweet/savory fruit salads

A fruit salad it doesn’t necessarily consist only of fruit. As a sweet/savory dish, you can add sheep cheese, goat cheese, avocado, cherry tomato…

Just make sure the flavors go well together.


A tip, do the same with your seasoning. Don’t be afraid to add honey, sugar or sweeter spices.

For the beauty of the dish, do not hesitate to put edible flowers. There are some really nice ones and it’s a great way to introduce your guests to trying a new one culinary specialty.

Now that you know how to pimp, we say bon appetit!

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