Recipe ideas. Summer Salad Greens: Would you like to pick a few leaves?

The French eat an average of 6 kilos of lettuce a year. (©Gary Perkin –

Let’s be crazy… It’s not just lettuce in life, let’s have fun with it all salads. We love these big, soft and crunchy leaves, the French eat 6 kilos of lettuce a year.

But you should know that there are several hundred varieties of lettuce. It is in the summer when you will have more options and incomparable quality.

How to choose the ones with the most character?

Blonde or brown, with smooth and flexible leaves, it is an everyday lettuce, what you find in sandwiches and in the canteen (…) Oak leaveit flourishes in the Mediterranean basin, its leaves are tender and you will appreciate its delicate hazelnut taste, just a drizzle of olive oil to accompany it.

We could also tell you about the Reine des Glaces salad, it is a Batavia lettuce who loves the cold, is full of vitamins. Do not hesitate to pair it with seafood, you can cook it. The romaine salad it is excellent in the “César” recipe with chicken and croutons. The curly or endive have a slightly bitter taste, you can add a curd and herb sauce.

Caesar salad
Romaine lettuce is the variety commonly used to make the Caesar salad recipe. (©Fidioh –

Amused by its long serrated blades, try the white dandelionyou will also find it under the name “capuchin beard”, it is mainly grown in the north of France, it loves sautéed potatoes.

With its red leaves, the treviso salad from northern Italy will be excellent with blue cheese, figs, walnuts, asparagus or tomato confit…

Bloom your salads, scatter them with seeds…

The edible flowersit’s pretty and fresh… we grant you, we’re still wondering about the taste, but a few violet, hooded, borage, meadowsweet flowers will add a pop of color and whimsy to your salads.

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Salad and flowers
The salad and flowers add a nice touch of color. What to put fantasy on your plate! (©Grinchh –

try them germinated seeds (alfalfa, fennel, lentils, mustard…), add sunflower seeds, flax seeds for their richness in omega3, pumpkin seeds, nigella seeds with detoxifying properties or chia seeds.

Let your imagination take over and enjoy!


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