Recipe ideas: papaya, a fruit that brings exoticism to your plate

papaya fruit
There are fifteen varieties of papaya, a fruit that grows mainly in Central America. (©Paulovilela –

Red Lady, Sunrise, Sunset, Gold Papaya… there are about fifteen varieties of papayas. From Mexico and more widely ofCentral Americaalso called the tropical melon.

Papaya likes it hot, it grows in a papayaa tree that can climb up to 7 meters!

Papaya, light and very digestible

papaya and papaya
Papaya comes to us from the papaya, a tree that can reach 7 meters in height. (©Underworld –

Rich in water, that’s right low in calories. Papaya contains antioxidants, vitamin C, B9, fiber, calcium, magnesium, fiber… It is also very popular for its digestive benefits.

Ideal at the end of a meal, it contains an enzyme that acts on ingested fat: papain. Its flavor is soft, sweet, a mix between melon and peach.

How to choose a papaya?

Be guided by its color, the skin of the papaya should not show any roughness or wrinkles. Wait until its skin turns a nice yellow-orange color before consuming it. It is picked green because it travels a long time by plane or ship before arriving at our stops.

Don’t keep it in the fridge, it’s afraid of the cold. You can, on the other hand, let it mature in the open air.

Recipe ideas that change

papaya and fruit salad
In a fruit salad, papaya is delicious. (©Nikolaydonetsk –

Papaya goes well with cabbage, orange, carrot, fennel… For complete saladadd walnuts and some gouda cubes with cumin or mimolette.

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He also likes to accompany a meat for taste sweet and savory dishes with rice, crab or chicken.

Nature, she is excellent fruit saladfor example with kiwi, honey and guava.

Dried papaya is a good option to boost yours cakesyour cupcakes. You can add it to a homemade muesli, a granola or more simply eat it like candy.


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