Recipe ideas: Green summer salads, so refreshing on our plates

Summer green salads: a seasonal delight.
Only 17 calories per 100 grams of salad leaves, it would be a shame not to overdo it! (©Luismolinero/AdobeStock)

Alone or accompanied, the salad brings a green touch to your summer dishes. It is a healthy food par excellence: only 17 calories per 100 grams of leaves. It is rich in water, fiber, vitamins B9.

The salad is the fifth most consumed vegetable in France. A family of 4 eats an average of 6 kilos a year.

You will find lettuce all year round though they are better in summer. Imagine them, freshly picked from the garden with a few drops of dew on the leaves…

How to choose it?

Your eye is enough to pick a salad… Avoid wilted, yellowed and damaged leaves. They should melt in your mouth and the heart of the salad must be crispy.

One thing is for sure, salad is back in fashion. In addition, in his work saladpublished by Flammarion, Barbara Guicheteau offers simple salad recipes.

Summer green salads: a seasonal delight.
There are hundreds of varieties of lettuce. Which do you prefer? (©Smileus/AdobeStock)

Iceberg, rosemary… Hundreds of lettuce varieties

If you have a small patch of garden, plant cut lettuce, you can harvest it all summer long. the variety” salad bowl “It tolerates drought very well. Its leaves are available in red or green.

The curly saladsthey endive they are excellent since the month of August. Then you can enjoy it throughout the autumn. If you like slightly bitter salad leaves, choose the ” Meaux curly chicory “.

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Young shoots & co

A bit spicy with a mustard taste, have fun with it rocket to make beautiful salads with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls and country ham. A summer dish with an Italian accent.

arugula or young plants, which you will most often find ready to use, in sachets, goes very well with parmesan slices or pine nuts. It brings a sweet and spicy note with balsamic vinegar. Easy, right?

It is in the summer that we harvestsorrell, is appreciated for its lemon flavors. Rich in fiber, vitamins A, C, E, iron, omega 3, it is eaten raw or cooked as an accompaniment to fish or white meat.

Summer green salads: a seasonal delight.
Green salad, tomatoes and mozzarella: the winning trio of the summer. (©Dusan Zidar/AdobeStock)

the good idea

Since they grow faster thanks to summer light, feel free to grow seeds in a germinator. This will allow you to make complete dishes, rich in protein, or add a touch of fantasy to your salads.

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