Recipe for taco burgers

You won’t resist! This taco-style burger is incredibly indulgent and a recipe that’s ready in minutes, so get started!

Swap the traditional hamburger bun for wraps to make an original, gourmet recipe that will please your guests’ palates. You will inevitably be amazed by these taco burgers, we promise! And since we never get tired of original hamburgers, how about preparing hamburger patties? To try them is to adopt them! Transform the burger once again with our eggplant version. With generous cheddar-stuffed eggplant fritters, you won’t believe it… Quick, get to the kitchen!

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To make this recipe, follow these steps:


For 4 people


– 8 slices of smoked bacon
– 4 steaks
– 8 wraps
– 4 BOXES of hamburger sauce
– pickle
– 8 slices of cheddar


1. Grill the slices of smoked bacon for ten minutes in the oven at 180°C.

2. Cook the steaks to your liking.

3. Spread burger sauce on 4 wraps and top with pickle rings. Cover with the fillet and put two slices of cheddar on top. Finish with slices of grilled smoked bacon.

4. Cover with another wrap disc and seal the taco burgers tightly. Cook two minutes on each side in a hot pan and enjoy immediately!

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