Paris Burger Week: Which burger will be voted the best in the capital?

Gourmet, tasty and comfortingwe will never get tired good burgers in the capital. Traditional, in smash version and even in bathroom, the sandwich has never been more popular in Paris than it is now. With new addresses springing up all over the capital, you have plenty to choose from when you’re really hungry. But which is the best burger in the capital among all these addresses? Answer at the end of the year on the occasion of the Hamburger week in Parisa gourmet event during which the public will choose the winner.

Who will be voted the best hamburger in Paris?

From November 24 to December 11, the Hamburger week in Paris – which has been around for fifteen years – will celebrate street food, and more particularly the burger culture that is definitely on the rise in Paris. Eat and break, Goiko, Dumbo or Alain Ducasse and so on, we are used to sharing with you our best addresses for good Parisian burgers.


This time, the public will choose the best hamburger in Paris. The mission was given to 24 Parisian restaurants to create an original recipe for the occasion. For 15 days, the lucky ones will sit down to taste the recipes of Burger N Juice, Crispy Soul, Goiko, Hank Burger or Shiso burgerto recite none but them.

Finally, mass will be said and the verdict will be pronounced: we will finally know the best hamburger in Paris!

Paris Burger Week: from November 24 to December 11, 2022 nnnn

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