Overripe peaches: grilled in salad, tiramisu or compote… 3 good ideas to stop wasting them

Peaches are one of our favorite summer fruits. Fragile, sometimes they tend to mature a little too quickly. We give you the solution not to waste them.

Like many fruits, peaches tend to spoil quickly, especially when it comes to white peaches. This is because they belong to varieties that continue to ripen after being harvested, such as avocado or melon. But unlike apricots that no longer ripen once picked. Fortunately, there are solutions to prevent your beautiful peaches from ending up in the trash once they’ve lost their beautiful colors. Here are 3 very simple ideas that you can also use nectarines, apricots or plums

1 – Overripe peaches: turn them into compote or jam

transform your slightly softened peaches in compote is a good option so as not to waste them. Therefore, nothing could be simpler. Peel and chop the peaches and cut them into pieces. Put them to cook over low heat a mixture of lemon juice and butter. Add a sprig of cinnamon, vanilla or honey to flavor your compote. For the jam, same principle with sterilization to keep it for several months.

2 – Overripe peaches: fry them to caramelize them

Overripe peaches can be perfect in appetizers and savory dishes. Just cut them into quarters and put them in the pan to caramelize. Then they will come to accompany spinach and beetroot salad. On a hot plate, they will marry very well with white meats and of course duck!

3 – Overripe peach: integrate them into a sweet dessert

Some desserts especially like the peaches that have arrived an advanced degree of maturation. Because it’s usually a ripe peach even tastier. The basic idea is to mix your slightly damaged fruit with another ingredient that will hide their flaws. Therefore, you can make a peach and mascarpone dessert tiramisu style. The pana cotta option is also perfect for your peach quarters to regain all their shine and delight the whole family.

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