NÎMES Joannes Richard is crowned vice-champion of the hamburger world in the United States

This Sunday, November 13, the team formed by Nîmes Joannes Richard (Chez Jo des halles), Thibaud Desimeur and Tourangeau Benoît Sanchez was crowned vice-champion of the hamburger world in Dallas, Texas.

Eleventh after the semi-final, the only French team in the running, represented by Joannes Richard, head of Chez Jo in Les Halles, was selected for the final thanks to its technical score. He eventually took second place in the World Burger Championship.

Class in Dallas

In the end, Jo wanted to pay tribute to Texas with a hamburger made with local products. A cactus and okra-based seasoning sauce as well as a homemade tabasco made with red fruits, among other things. Only local products and a carbon footprint close to zero. ” We made an anti-waste burger, reusing vegetable scraps and fat in candied onions ” says Joe. Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, France and even Dubai, it was a tough world championship and one won by an American.

the Coffee’earth and the Texas French’ship soon in theaters

With two burgers, the Coffee’earth and the Texas French’ship, Jo has been preparing his recipes for months and the residents of Nimes will soon be able to taste them in the rooms. Still in the United States, the champion explained to us that as soon as he steps on the Gard he leaves for other projects, a small restaurant in Nîmes and/or consulting at home.

Yannick Pons

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