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A truffle burger at Les Burgers de Papa – The Big Box, getting bigger and bigger, comes to Pizza Hut – Winter recipes and low-price offers at La Pizza de Nico – The new Basilic & Co menu signed by chef Edward Cristaudo .

A truffle burger at Les Burgers de Papa

Every two months, Les Burgers de Papa prepares a new recipe in order to renew the offer offered to its customers and also maintain the spirit of the season. On November 16, there will be a new addition to the menu, the P’tit Truffé, a truffle burger that seeks to combine softness and character. Recipe? 100% French beef, creamy Isigny brie, crispy fried onions, arugula leaves and a truffle sauce. This new recipe will be available on site, to take away, in click & collect and for delivery at all the brand’s restaurants, until January 17 inclusive.

The Big Box, getting bigger and bigger, is coming to Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is thinking big with a generous and easy-to-use new offer: The Big Box. This is an ultra-gourmet offer: a large box with an eye-catching design, three drawers and three delicious pizzas to choose from. This is an opportunity to share must-have recipes, about the new thin dough, the famous bread dough or the original Cheezy Crust. Supreme, Pepperoni Lovers, 4 Cheeses or Vegetarian, all recipes are available in The Big Box. With The Big Box, Pizza Hut signs the product for sharing par excellence: with family or friends, The Big Box will be the protagonist this winter. Available exclusively at Pizza Hut from 15 November 2022.

Winter recipes and offers at reduced prices at La Pizza de Nico

Twice a year, restaurants in the La Pizza de Nico network update their pop-up pizza recipes. Gluttony is invited this fall with no less than 12 new recipes and a “thick dough” option for soft dough lovers. No dyes, no preservatives, the pizza dough is made with organic extra virgin olive oil. This new La Pizza de Nico menu continues to highlight quality ingredients: ECOLOGICAL, denominations, French origin. It is also about responding to the challenge of purchasing power with a new range of pizzas available from just €6.90. It’s not about cutting corners on the quality of the ingredients, these cheap pizzas are always the same size, always topped with real cheese, tomato sauce, 100% meat, etc. You will also find on the menu generous and gourmet recipes with, for example, the L’Apres-Ski pizza made with melted fior di latte mozzarella, Reblochon AOP, smoked bacon and Paris ham; or the Buffalina pizza with its creamy Camembert di Bufala.

The new Basilic & Co menu signed by chef Edward Cristaudo

On October 18, the new Autumn-Winter menu arrived at the 55 Basilic & Co. franchised restaurants. Chef Edward Cristaudo, preparing, for the first time, a menu for the network, offered 7 new and original recipes with the flavors of the emblematic Jura products. The Morbier IGP is integrated into the savory focaccia while the Morbier AOP, accompanied by Bleu de Gex AOP, Comté AOP, yellow wine and sausage from Montbéliard IGP, will sublimate the other 6 pizza recipes from La Jurassienne to La Gexoise, passing through The arboisienne or the snail… All are made with 100% homemade dough.

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