McDonald’s introduces a new crispy chicken burger with truffle mayo!

Gastronomic alert! From today, McDonald’s offers its customers the possibility to taste its new and original recipe: Crispy McFillet. This crispy chicken sandwich is topped with truffle mayo!

A new truffle burger has just arrived at McDonald’s! Credit: McDonald’s

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Spicy nuggets, avocado burgers or even cilantro sundaes, new flavors never stop blooming at McDonald’s. The brand with the golden M does not hesitate to regularly offer new recipes to its customers to surprise their gourmet palates. If it was sometimes difficult to understand their choice (yes, we mean the coriander ice cream…), other ads have once again piqued the curiosity of our food lovers. And the Crispy McFillet is one of those hamburgers that have alerted our taste buds.

New to the menu, the Crispy McFillet consists of a sourdough bun topped with lettuce and a very crispy and well-seasoned breaded chicken fillet. But what makes all the beauty and originality of this burger is obviously its sauce. Less divisive than Burger King’s new Peanut Butter Dip, the Crispy McFillet Dip is simply truffle mayo!

Truffles at McDonald’s? Now it is possible!

Its rarity and high price have made the truffle a luxury delicacy. However, this underground fungus is increasingly present on our plates. In pasta, in a pizza or in many other dishes, truffle, whether we like it or not. You can also use it to flavor sauces like mayonnaise for example. And this McDonald’s thought was a good idea for his next recipe.

@delishuk MAIGTA FROM TÓFOGA? At McDonald’s? #crispymcfillet #breakingnews #mcdonalds #newfoodfindsuk BARELY BREATHING – Grant Averill

As of this morning, the Crispy McFillet includes truffle-flavored mayo and “a few flavors of roast chicken” (according to early reviews). The ultra-crispy (and ultra-seasoned) breaded chicken fillet and this creamy, “slightly peppery” sauce combine perfectly to give your taste buds a moment of pure indulgence! Well, unfortunately, this new burger is not yet available in France. How lucky they are across the Channel! He proposed that in some restaurants in the UK for now, it could be exported to the rest of the territory (or even abroad?) depending on its success.

And the price then? Just because it’s truffle-based doesn’t mean it’s expensive, far from it! Sold alone at £4.19 (just under €5), it’s very possible to have fun with truffles at McDonald’s (well, we imagine it’s definitely just a flavor with truffles and not actual pieces…) . So what do you think?

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