Italian hamburger garnish

Italian hamburger garnish©ALICE KOROLEVICH, Adobe Stock

Preparation: 15 minutes

Kitchen: No cooking

Number of people: 2

Difficulty: Easy

Plate type: plate

Cost: €


1 small bunch of basil2 tablespoons of pine nuts1 tablespoon grated parmesan1 grain of garlicOlive oil1 tomato1/2 red pepper1 handful of arugula1 small ball of mozzarella2 tablespoons barbecue sauceSal2 hamburger buns


Start by preparing the pesto. Peel the garlic clove, remove the germ, crush it. In a blender, put the basil, garlic clove, 1 tablespoon of pine nuts and Parmesan, salt, add a splash of olive oil and grind in sequences. Add a little olive oil until you get a slightly thick texture but not too much. Pour into a jar, close it and put it in the fridge.

Wash the arugula, dry it gently. Wash the tomato, cut it into slices. Cut the mozzarella into slices. Remove the seeds and white membranes from the pepper, cut into strips.

Toast the hamburger buns. Cover the base of the hamburger buns with the barbecue sauce. Garnish with arugula, pesto, tomato slices, mozzarella, arugula, pesto, pepper. Sprinkle with pine nuts. Seal the burgers and enjoy immediately.


It’s best to prepare most of the filling at the last minute, but the pesto can be prepared the day before. In this case, store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

Apolline Arnoud, Medusa France

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