For its 10th anniversary, Big Fernand presents a new burger that will give you the potato!

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the French hamburger specialist Big Fernand brand offers a new limited edition ultra-gourmet recipe. Discover the Gabin, the vegetarian hamburger with potatoes!

Discover the Gabin, Big Fernand’s new vegetarian burger! Credit: Big Fernand

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Since its arrival in France, the Big Fernand brand has changed the codes of the hamburger. At Les Fernands we don’t say “hamburguresa” we say “hamburguresa”. Yes, we pronounce it in French! Proud to use local produce in his recipes, Big Fernand intends to continue his little gourmet burger revolution. So what could be better than celebrating its 10th anniversary with the launch of a new ultra-gourmet burger? We didn’t ask for that much, but Gran Fernand will give us the potato with Gabin!

Little brother to Lucien, the other veggie burger on the menu, Gabin is an ephemeral recipe to celebrate Big Fernand’s 10th anniversary. A gourmet dish, crispy, melting and still a little bit sweet! The brand still has more than one trick up its sleeve (with potatoes) and unveils a burger with a very (very) crispy potato pancake, a little (a lot) of cheese and an artisan sauce that only it has the secret to . That’s it, is your mouth watering? USA too!

The Gabin is to be chewed urgently because it is limited edition! Credit: Big Fernand

A new vegetarian burger to discover in Big Fernand

Since March 30, you may have seen (and even tasted) Gabin à la carte at Big Fernand. He is Lucien’s younger brother because he is also a vegetarian. Instead of a large Paris mushroom, we find in this recipe a crispy potato pancake! Cooked like a carpet apple, we keep the traditional codes of Big Fernand: local products. Therefore, the galette is made with free-range eggs and French fries. The Fernands chose to top it with a double dose of raw milk mountain tomme (yes, you read that right, double dose!!), fried onions and a pepper sauce.

Crispy potato pancake, melting mountain tomme, crispy fried onions and creamy pepper sauce, Gabin has everything you need! Credit: Big Fernand

We were already drooling over Alain Ducasse’s recently launched vegan burger recipe, but now our taste buds are even crazier. But beware, the Gabin is only a limited edition, so you can’t miss it. See you until May 1, 2022 in one of the 61 Big Fernand restaurants present throughout France to discover this ultra gourmet hamburger!

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