Food: Goiko reviews its best vegan and gluten-free burgers!

Opened in 2019 in the capital, Goiko and its two addresses took little time to seduce Parisians. Proof of this is that since 2021 the restaurant has the distinction of best burger from Paris But it’s not about resting on our laurels: if Goiko excels in the art of creating carnivorous burgers, all as attractive as the others, it’s a new credo that will invest this spring of 2022. On the menu: new plant-based recipes of two hamburgers 100% vegan. Ideal for gathering around a good burger without having to worry about everyone’s diet!

Goiko launches new menu for vegetarians…


Thus, the “Edamamita” burger contains one vegetarian pancakes made with edamame, broccoli, couscous and rice, vegan cheese, a few greens and also vegan grain bread. The “Chick-Tarian” shows a chicken fillet with vegetables, vegan cheese, grilled peppers and grilled onions. Also note that all a la carte recipes are flexible with a Beyond Meat steak and gluten-free bread. It’s no longer a question of depriving yourself of an evening of burgers with friends, Goiko has thought of everything!

… and new carnivore recipes!


That’s not all, Goiko has also prepared some pleasant surprises for its carnivorous fans with three new original and tasty recipes such as the “Guaca-Chicken”. A grilled chicken fillet and a sauce guacamole which transports us directly to Mexico… Here’s a burger we like that has pep’s and that overturns the taste buds. Fans of Smash burgers, they also serve you the “Smash” and its two 100g steaks, in addition to bacon, American cheese and grilled onions. Another reference to add to the ranking of the best smash burgers in Paris! For dessert, a decadent Spanish cheesecake is added to the menu. Baked, falling apart on the inside, and nicely browned around the edges, it is served slightly warm to the delight of our taste buds.

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