Cyril Lignac reveals his magic trick for a perfect fruit salad

Cyril Lignac is always happy to share his simplest and most unstoppable tips for making classic dishes very successful. She didn’t fail to reveal how she makes her delicious fruit salads.

How to make Cyril Lignac’s fruit salad?

If making a fruit salad seems easy, it remains difficult to get the desired result in terms of taste. In reality, there is one small detail that you don’t think about and that makes all the difference when serving this famous dish to your guests. This is in any case what the favorite chef of the French assures Cyril Lignac.

It was in his column L’astuce du chef on RTL that Cyril Lignac gave his ideal recipe for making one fruit salad. The famous chef introduced it with a preparation for six people. Suffice it to say, this meal will be perfect during your summer snacks with friends or family. As for the ingredients, Cyril Lignac recommends these:

  • Fresh herbs such as mint, lemon balm or parsley
  • 500 grams of fresh almonds
  • A fruit of passion
  • An apricot
  • A peach
  • A cherry bun
  • A strawberry bun
  • A lemon
  • Peel the almonds and scoop out what’s inside.
  • Cut all the fruit into quarters.
  • Place your pieces of fruit on your plate

How to season your fruit salad, according to Cyril Lignac?

But this is not all. To perfect this fruit salad, Cyril Lignac’s secret is the jus that will season the dish. Indeed, according to the expert: “for certain dishes the important thing is the sauce, for the fruit salad, it’s the juice”. Nothing could be simpler for him. This “will bring a bit of spice, and passion fruit is ideal,” he explained in his column on RTL.

Cyril Lignac then shared the process for making a salad juice who can spice this up summer dish.

  • Squeeze the grapefruit.
  • Grind the fresh herb in a mortar.
  • Add the passion fruit.
  • Grate the lemon.
  • To mix it all up.
  • Just season the dish with this homemade juice.

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