Cyril Lignac gives us his advice for a fruit salad full of freshness

It’s the beginning of summer, the temperatures rise and we want lightness on our plate. And what could be more summery than a fruit salad! Healthy and delicious, it can be eaten for breakfast, dessert or snack. To make our fruit salad a success like a chef, Cyril Lignac gives us his tips in his daily column The chef’s advice on RTL.

A good juice and fresh herbs

For some dishes the important thing is the sauce, for the fruit salad it’s the juice,” warns the pastry chef. Your favorite recipe? “You can squeeze a small Corsican grapefruit, which you mix with some mint leaves, or another fresh herb, passed through a mortar. To add some zing, passion fruit is ideal. To make his salad, Cyril Lignac obviously uses seasonal fruits. Apricots, peaches, cherries, strawberries… The season is prolific and not only in terms of fruit. Herbs also have their harvest season. The pastry chef takes the opportunity to add fresh herbs. Oregano, lemon balm, mint… Again, there’s plenty to choose from. Finally, to add some crunch, finish your recipe with fresh almonds. Now that all of Cyril Lignac’s secrets have been revealed to you, it’s up to you!

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