Burger King imagines burgers for the desires of pregnant women (and it’s very special)

It is often said that pregnant women have quite strange food cravings. So Burger King rushed to launch new sandwiches to satisfy those cravings and the result is to say the least… special.

The hamburger with vanilla ice cream and olives, do we eat it or pass it on? Credit: Burger King

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Attention, fragile stomach, go on your way. Despite certain food prohibitions, pregnant women often have cravings for, shall we say, interesting dishes. From the clichéd “I like strawberries” to the outlandish “I like ice cream with chips,” these compulsive cravings can seem strange to outsiders. Burger King wanted to listen to the wishes of pregnant women. And as usual, the King of Burger led an advertising campaign in his image, funny and peculiar: “The Pregnancy Whooper” (“The Whooper of pregnancy”).

Burger King has imagined 8 ultra original recipes according to the wishes of pregnant women! Here, the battered fish + compote. Credit: Burger King

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, which took place on Sunday 8 May in Germany, the fast food brand wanted to pay tribute to these very particular desires. After joking about delivering to its customers in McDonald’s bags like April Fools’ Day, Burger King has satisfied the unique culinary desires of pregnant women by offering new and very original recipes throughout the weekend. From the combination “vanilla ice cream + olives” to the combination “battered fish + compote”, the result, as fun as it is, has hurt our taste buds a little…

Burger King listens to the wishes of pregnant women and is very original!

To do this, Burger King relied on a study of 1070 women. For 58% of them, these desires have already manifested themselves at least once during pregnancy and 76% have even succumbed to them! We’ll admit, our stomachs had a hard time understanding these completely insane cravings, but we’re not at all surprised that Burger King finally released these combinations in real life. After the burger and peanut butter fries, nothing surprises us anymore.

Eggs and bananas in a burger, Burger King did it! Credit: Burger King

All weekend, these burgers have been on sale in Burger King restaurants in Germany and we wouldn’t have known which to choose between the “cucumber + jam”, the “sausage + spread” or the “eggs + banana”. .In any case, it’s a new publicity stunt for Burger King! A few weeks ago, the French-based firm launched the “Whooper €2” operation to compensate for the price increase at the pump. And before leaving you with all these original recipes, we remind you that it is always possible to order your favorite hamburgers in a vegetarian version in French restaurants!

These original burgers were sold on Mother’s Day in Germany this weekend. Credit: Burger King

Hold on to your stomach, here are the special women’s craving burgers imagined by Burger King!

However “strawberry ice cream + fries“where”vanilla ice cream + olives»?

Credit: Burger King

You choose the “fried herring + curry sausage“is he”battered fish + compotes»?

Credit: Burger King

Between “red fruit cake + beef“is he”eggs + banana“What do you take?

Credit: Burger King

You prefer a hamburgercucumber + jam“where”sausage + spreadr”?

Credit: Burger King

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