Burger: Goiko launches a 100% vegan recipe

The Spanish-influenced burger joint has renewed its menu for spring. In particular, there is a range of fully vegan sandwiches.

Six new recipes appear on Goiko’s menu, three of which are vegetarian. These are aimed at vegetarians and vegans as well as meat lovers who want to change their habits.

The protagonist of this new menu is the Greta (€16.90), a burger with a Beyond Meat steak. If vegans are already excited about Beyond Meat products, omnivores will be pleasantly surprised by the texture and taste of this plant-based protein steak.

The Greta is also made with vegan cheese, guacamole, candied sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce, all on whole grain bread. Although it’s a burger, usually hearty, the Greta is quite light. For those with a sweet tooth, it can be served with classic fries or sweet potato fries.



This new menu also offers the Edamamita (€15.90), built around a steak made with edamame, broccoli and couscous and rice. The chicken (€16.40) innovates with chicken coated in vegetables, vegan cheese, grilled peppers, lettuce and grilled onions.

That is, it is possible to adapt all Goiko recipes by replacing the classic ground steak with a Beyond Meat steak and gluten-free bread if necessary.

Goiko, 106, rue de Richelieu, Paris 2nd

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