after 42 years of existence, this legendary hamburger will definitely disappear from the menu!

It’s the end of an era… After more than 40 years of existence, one of the great McDonald’s classics is about to say goodbye. But don’t wait, you still have a few days left to enjoy it so hurry!

McDonald’s: after 42 years of existence, this legendary hamburger will definitely disappear from the menu! Credit: iStock

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It is not the first time that the fast food giant has removed one of its burgers from the menu. You know, at McDonald’s, it’s okay, it comes as they say and every now and then, our favorite snacks disappear from the menu to come back with a bang and, most of the time, in limited edition (hello apple billing) . But it is very rare that the brand with the golden M changes one of its recipes definitively. Especially when it has been delighting our taste buds for 42 years.

So we didn’t expect a great classic to face this sad fate… However, McDonald’s has decided to remove this legendary hamburger from its menu, after more than 40 years of existence. So it’s time to say goodbye to… McRib!

McDonald’s is saying goodbye to one of its oldest burgers

The famous McRib makes its farewell tour at McDonald’s, after 42 years of existence. Credit: McDonald’s

After reviving our child’s soul by launching a Happy Meal for adults, McDonald’s saddens us by announcing the end of the McRib. Launched in 1981 in the United States (Kansas City to be exact), the McRib conquered our taste buds. Then it landed in restaurants in Canada or even Germany. Unfortunately, the French-based brand will never feature it on their menu (sniff). However, it would definitely have pleased our taste buds thanks to its ultra gourmet recipe!

The McRib consists (sorry, it consisted*) of a brioche bun, a tender boneless pork patty, onions, pickles and a delicious smoky BBQ sauce. Yes, our mouths are watering too. But we’ll quickly have to swallow our saliva because the McRib is on a farewell tour…

“He’s leaving to get to know you better”

For years, the McRib would disappear and reappear on the McDonald’s menu. Hence his famous motto: “leave to find yourself better“.”Like any farewell tour, let’s hope it’s not a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later’. Because, as our McRib fans have seen time and time again, you never know when, or if, the McRib will make a comeback.“. In this message, McDonald’s makes us doubt: could the famous hamburger come back? This is the question…

So, McDonald’s has re-registered the McRib on its menu as of Monday, October 31 for its “definitive round.” So you only have a few days to (re)discover the McRib, so hurry up and enjoy it! And to console you, you can now get (in limited edition) the famous legendary sauce Big Tasty in individual jars, fast!

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