A world tour of recipes in the Valdegour district, in Nimes

It was in the fall that the Simone-Veil social center seniors’ club, directed by Patrick Manco, resumed its cooking workshops

Workshops that had stopped for the summer. In this first meal back to school, four gentlemen were in the kitchen, supported by three members of the Aux Fils d’Or association.

The elders had decided to cook and eat a lecso, a Hungarian dish. “This choice was proposed to us by Pascal Besson, former director of the old Diderot school, now retired, very involved in the associative world, and present at each of our meals. His wife is of Hungarian origin.” explains Alain, one of the group members.

In addition to lecso, a dish prepared with peppers, onion cut into julienne, accompanied by sausages, the menu of the day was “composed of a cucumber salad with red pepper in which the three colors (green, white, red) of the Hungarian flag are found and a maklepény, a traditional Hungarian poppy and lemon cake”, adds Mohamed, another member present. Hungarian music accompanied this warm and friendly moment.

This is the fifth meal that the elderly have cooked in their workshop, after several recipes from around the world (couscous, moussaka, paella, noodles with salmon and prawns), prepared under the benevolent gaze of the three cooks from the association Aux Sons of Gold, present to offer help and advice if needed.

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