15 recipe ideas with October fruits (1/16)

The fruits of October are invited to tasty snacks and comforting drinks. It is the beginning of autumn. The days are getting shorter, it’s also raining more often. It’s walnut season. If you can, go pick it up and take the opportunity to admire the beautiful red, orange or even yellow colors that the leaves of the trees take on before they fall. The last grapes and the last blackberries also invite dessert. It’s also the season for apples, pears and quinces. Finally, from the end of October, the first chestnuts warm the atmosphere and gently prepare us to enter winter.

You will be able to taste the last blackberries puff pastry with blackberries. Grapes and walnuts go wonderfully together cabbage salad with raisins and walnuts. If you like sweet and savory dishes, try a mild stew with chicken, apples and leeks in cider. For breakfasts that make you want to get up, we suggest the grape jam with apple juice. It will be delicious in a slice nut bread house At snack time, let yourself be tempted to apple and pear juice with cinnamon and some light nut muffins. At the end of the month, for a change of taste, small financiers of the chestnut tree it should please you. In addition, this autumn fruit is also very good to accompany meat or fish as in our recipe chestnut puree for example. With pears, prepare a dessert worthy of the best tables with Poached pears in red wine i fromage blanc verrines with roasted pears. Of course, let’s not forget the cakes (Featherweight Fall Nut Cake i autumn fruit cake) and cakes (macerated fruit roll with quince jelly i upside down yogurt cake for weight loss) that will satisfy small and large appetites during this first month of autumn.

Discover ours 15 recipe ideas with October fruits.

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